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Information about Transformering

Transformering.se offers information and support for trans people, people with personal trans experience and people who are reflecting on or questioning their gender identity or gender expression, regardless of age.

We also offer information and support to friends, parents, adults of importance to trans children and adolescents, partners, siblings and other loved ones of trans people, as well as professionals, such as healthcare staff or school staff, and voluntary workers/NGOs.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer an English version of our webpage. If you are seeking information about gender-affirming care or about changing your legal name or legal gender in Sweden, a summary in English is available here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions that are not answered there, or if you need some kind of support regarding trans health and rights.

How to get in touch with us

Our email helpline https://transfragor.transformering.se/ is staffed by counsellors and advisors at RFSL and RFSL Ungdom. We are happy to answer emails in English as well as Swedish.

Others to contact while waiting for our reply

BRIS – chat, email and phone for persons under the age of 18. The phone number is 116 111. It is possible to pre-book a phone call to talk to a BRIS counsellor in Arabic or English. For pre-booking, click here.

MIND's crisis counseling (for suicidal thoughts) – chat, email and phone. The phone number is 90101.

MIND's helpline for seniors/older people.

Ungasjourer.se – contact information for helplines for girls, boys, trans people and young people. You can contact any of the helplines listed there, regardless of where in Sweden you live.

Somaya – helpline for women and LGBTQI people with a foreign background experiencing domestic violence and/or honour-related violence and oppression. Somaya staff offers support in several languages.

1177.se – regarding health care, clinics, and similar questions.

112 – in an emergency: always call 112. Having persistent thoughts about taking your own life or doing yourself serious harm is an emergency situation. The same applies if you are aware that someone is attempting suicide.

BRIS helpline for adults - If you are an adult in need of information and advice regarding children under 18, you can contact the BRIS helpline for adults (in Swedish, Arabic and Ukrainian).



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